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OptionHacker scans thousands of option orders each day to apply the same proprietary filters used by professional market makers. The result is a series of 15-25 real-time notifications for trades placed by hedge funds, banks, and other major institutions that have a high probability of success.

Using the same technology employed by every major institutional trading desk, OptionHacker processes ultra-low latency market data to monitor all trading activity across the 12 exchanges where equity options are traded.

Options are traded for one of two reasons - as directional speculation (upside or downside) or as hedge against a stock position. OptionHacker filters out all but the most speculative orders, thus providing users with highly actionable trade setups.

Alerts are delivered in real-time via web browser pop-up, with average latency of <100 milliseconds from the time of the original order fill.

Upon startup OptionHacker displays all previous signals from the current trading session, so traders always have access to current market insights.

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Some top-performing orders to have recently hit OptionHacker are: 2017 Screenshot #2


EarningsHacker filters and sorts every single optionable stock and on a daily basis ranks the top opportunities for trades based on proprietary ranking algorithms.

Quickly see which stocks have the highest potential for a trade setup in a top 5 list generated daily. EarningsHacker also helps a trader determine which stocks do not have good potential setups. Stocks are ranked using an analysis of the options market, Strength or weakness on the Ichimoku Cloud, and past earnings trends.

EarningsHacker also provides data on analyst buy and sell ratings, estimated earnings and revenues and past performance on earnings.

EarningsHacker will show how a stock has behaved on past earnings releases. Traders will be able to see how a stock has traded post earnings across a number of key time frames. Traders will be able to see the historical performance of the stock on earnings day, through the end of the week, and through option expiration for every quarter over the past 12 quarters.

In stocks EarningsHacker ranks highly EarningsHacker will color the data with a potential trade idea based on the historical performance, implied volatility, and pre determined risk vs. reward ratios.

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